Tropical-Jazz illustrations, the fusion between the Caribbean and music of my childhood

Mixing two concepts (Caribbean and Jazz) that are linked to my roots is AM Ketterer’s pure essence. Tropical because it is my land, the Caribbean: the smell, the colors and its lush beauty. The Jazz-Soul is the worship music, heard and interpreted in my family, it takes a present point. The sound of the record player, the feel of the vinyl and the cover where the drama of the artists, their nostalgia, melancholy and love seem to float in the living room of my childhood home.

This serie of illustrations is the result of the projects I’m doing throughout the year, check here my previous publication regarding the tropical electro trends in the previous publication on tropical electro (check it here). The illustrations do not work for a especific thing, they are not an instrument but a moment of inspiration, ego about beauty and anecdotism.

Currently, there are three illustrations available: Billie Holiday and fruits, John Contraine coloring Tropicana and Carmen Miranda dancing to the music.


Nowadays we are promoting this collection of illustration on the platform ATTIC 1B, experience dinner in a beautiful penthouse in Barcelona. I will be participating in the White Summer market from 13th to 20th August (Address: Mas Gelabert, Pals) and of course you shops and private people can contact me to place an order, send me an email here.