Söt Vinter is back! Wood decoration for home with Mister Karton

Cold comes back with the new winter collection Söt Vinter, we love this tradition that we started last year with the colleagues of Mister Karton.

This year, Söt Vinter, which means sweet winter in Swedish, is impregnated of simplicity and inspired by the Nordic-influenced peoples of northern Germany, the Baltic coast and the mountains of Alaska. It is a must for us, that this collection continues offering a universal and “alternative” vision of winter and the holiday season.

I imagine the pieces of Söt Vinter in a sustainable space, healthy, with neutral colors, with a touch of elegance, humor and universality. The aluminum Christmas crib is far away from this beautiful collection ;). We want Söt Vinter to be an element of decoration that is not just for a few days but a present throughout the season.

This winter, you will find new pieces, also we will bring some products of the original collection and the garlands that wore so many homes last winter. I still remember how the little kids chose their favorite piece of Söt Vinter last year, they are the ones who command … and the good taste is for everyone!

As usual, our projects with Mister Karton are made with a lot of love and with sustainable materials. These are made of wood and cardboard.

If you have never seen AM Ketterer & Mister Karton collections before, I invite you to take a look at the products in Palo Alto Market, which has a double edition in December (Saturday 3 and Sunday 3 / Saturday 17 and Sunday 18). We will attend as well the Christmas markets, Fira de Santa Llúcia in The Cathedral of Barcelona (25 November – 23 December) and Fira de la Sagrada Familia (26 November – 23 December). You can also make custom orders by email. Happy Holidays!