New videoscribe: Creativity for Global Citizenship!

Finally, the last work of videoscribe realised with the colleagues of Kinotheque has been published. This illustrated video intends to give students tools and ideas to create their own research techniques, empowering them to create their own methods and to carry them out. As said in Recerca per a la Pau “Consistency, relevance and validity are the basic criteria to take into account during the methodological design. From here, creativity!”.

For the Fundación UB (Barcelona University), this video is part of a series of materials and resources for education in global citizenship through research. Here you can find more information and details.

As you can imagine, creating a job of this kind requires a lot of effort, patience and love. In this case it took about 3 months! From the first sketches, through the digitization of images, live video recording and the post-production process. It was worth I love the result!

What is video scribing?

If you’re not familiar with the world of design, you may not know the word “videoscribe“, but if I show you an example, I’m sure you would recognise this technique easily. Videoscribe blends drawing, voice and animation. It lets you create animated presentations so while the hand is drawing a voice-over develops the content of the presentation. It is a good solution for explaining processes, making known different topics, reflections or just having something creatively dynamic.

This tool, which allows making animated videos with a high viral impact, is not new. Although it is not very developed in Spain, it is trendy in Europe but it comes from the United States. Now, being visual it is no longer enough; it is vital to have an audio-visual component and dynamic.

Companies are getting more and more interested in this technique, since it is ideal to promote a product, provide a concept, explain a history or a reflection.

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