We are going to recharge batteries


This year has been a busy year, I worked plenty but is just the beginning.

I put a lot of energy in each of the projects and the contacts I’ve made. All have contributed a bit to the #mundoamketterer.

But after all this effort that I wanted now relax and recharge. Free the mind, having strict schedules, ultimately without the daily.

August is the ideal month to renew, I’m going on vacation. I’ll get inspiration and cultivate my creativity.

My best version will be back at the beginning of September, new projects, new illustrations, more Ketteritos and especially with the batteries full to work. Putting all the passion in everything around us in the World, AM Ketterer. I make a promise we won’t be boring.

Now I wear sunglasses and enjoy these summer days.

See you very soon.

We are going to recharge batteries

We are going to recharge batteries