News: the creative pattern design workshop has new dates

Good morning creative and restless minds: 8 days ago I updated the website suggesting you to make the second edition of the Pattern design workshop with Anna Garriga, Positive Fabrics.

After a lot of thinking we decided change the Dates for making a more intense and grateful experience.

This is a workshop is composed by four Sessions 3 hours each (12 hours in total),  Will be performed at the days 6, 7, 8 and 9 July 17 to 20 h. in the headquarters of the APIC (in c / Balmes Barcelona). It seems to me a great plan for July. And you?

¡We are waiting you!

Workshop enrollments are open.





How to perform your own patterns to whatever it could be the surface: fabrics, stationery, wallpaper, decorative objects …  also discover what possibilities offers to you the digital world. What a new applications you can learn. You also can create you own print.


The main objective is learn the basic concepts of Pattern design, the entire process. From the initial phase of inspiration until the final phase of applications mockup.

This is a theoretical and practical course, but everything of course 100% visual and creative way. We will work all the theoretical parts with images with our digital tools.



The workshop has a 12-hour duration, divided into 4 Sessions of 3 hours, with the following contents:

1st day Presentation of the course. What is the Pattern design?. Stamping lending. Parameters to create a pattern. Inspiration. Realization of a moodboard.

2nd day: Parts outlines for collection of pattern, make our chromatic palette with which we will work. Introduction to Illustrator (software) focused on the design of pattern (shape and color)

3rd day: Types of rapport: repeat Square, Half Brick drop and repeat. Practice and realization of rapports of our collection of stamps.

4th day Applying the pattern in mockups. Build our virtual world: with AM Ketterer and Fabrics. Different options for spread our designs.


Who makes the workshop?

Anna Garriga, licensed in Fine Arts and Pattern design nowadays. Positive fabrics is her personal and professional project, she has a web and shop online dedicated to design of pattern.

Ana Maria Aguilar, is the creator of the world Am Ketterer, which puts the ilustración, art direction and visual communication for companies and individual uses.  Her vision has a power projection, visual, humor and beauty.


To whom it is addressed?
This workshop is aimed for a creative persons who whats to make original pattern. Is necessary to bring a laptop with the illustrator installed. It is not need to have a high knowledge of the illustrator software. The sessions will be very understandable and every step will be shown with a projector in the classroom.


Equipment needed
A laptop with Illustrator version installed or Adobe testing version.
A drawing blog
A pencil
A black marker to trace contours



The price of the workshop for a course of 12 hours is just 140€.

When de course ends, we will send by email all the material worked in class.
The payment you can make it by Paypal or bank transfer.
For more information you can write us an email at


Site and timetable
The workshop itself will be performed at Association of Catalonia (APIC), located in c / Balmes 177, 1st 2nd in Barcelona, Spain.
The class days will be 6, 7, 8 and 9 July.
The timetable will be from 17 to 20h.