Live portraits: Yasmina Sabet, El Portal de l’Eixample

I would like to introduce Yasmina Sabet: partner, hardworking friend and a professional event planner for whom I did one of my first live portraits. She is responsible for El Portal de l’Eixample, a multifunctional space in the center of Barcelona prepared for all kinds of events (private, corporate and institutional).


El Portal de l’Eixample has a group of professionals who adapt each event to the client needs, and on occasion I’ve joined them drawing customized illustrations and live portraits for events.

Furthermore, Yasmina gave me the opportunity to show my vision of El Portal de l’Eixample in this card, which she delivers to her guests as a token of appreciation. An original gesture, right? Undoubtedly, Yasmina had to have her happy human face!

card_el portaleixample_1.jpg