Free Land: El Collaret del Pep new collection by AM Ketterer

Dogs don’t want to “dress” with illustrations of other dogs, fingerprints, bones… They always want to take with them what they really love and expresses their true nature: freedom.

With this premise was born Free Land, a limited collection of illustrated accessories for dogs I’ve had the pleasure to create with El Collaret del Pep.

And what is it that dogs love and that, for them, means freedom? We believe it’s the forest and humans. Therefore, we’ve created two pattern designs for the Free Land collection: Montoj and Vizago, “mountain” and “face” in Esperanto, because dogs have no language but they are able to understand them all.

Each pattern is available in two colors, and each color has an associated second pattern to make appropriate combinations in martingale collars and harnesses, or in sets of collar and leash.

El Collaret del Pep philosophy is that “you and your dog are a unique team, not only one of the bunch”. Do you want to express your personality with Free Land? Very easy! The collection, which we presented at the Palo Alto Market, is now available at El Collaret del Pep online store.