About Weddings: Make you wedding unique


Have you ever been to a wedding this was very similar to another?


How many times have you dreamed that your wedding has to be personal, different, unique …

I propose that your wedding memorable, made for you. You tell us what you want and we make it. Our world is creativity, original ideas and above all elegance.

In this post you will find the main illustrated proposals we have made.



wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation

The restaurant card is the first thing guests see when sitting on the seat you’ve assigned. Here you can find the personalized card with a picture of the couple. We can illustrate anything.



Wedding detail

Wedding detail

The details of the wedding are what make the difference. You may already be a summer hat, sandals, umbrella … In this case the guests whenever reused, the detail remember them your best day of your lives.

the groom and the bride wedding

Portrait of the Groom and the Bride

This is the portrait of the couple. It can be used as a photocall. Guests can make very funny and original photos with the Groom and the Bride.


Invitation wedding

Invitation wedding, the Groom and the Bride

This is a presentation of what may be the close-up portrait of the couple, as you have seen in the photos above this illustration is normally used in the details for the guests.



the groom and the bride

The Groom and the bride for the cake

Typical figures of the groom and the bride that you do not look like, we replaced by a sympathetic portrait of the couple. These portraits can be different depending on the preferences of the couple.



photo call

Photocall with models from the Wedding Week Barcelona

This is a photograph of the photocall with different wedding planers that we met in the “week Weeding Barcelona”



Live portrait wedding

Live portraits of the guests

Finally a detail for the guests will be recorded them in their memories. A portrait handmade. Photographs were given for years but now you can give to the guests his portrait filtered through the eyes of Am Ketterer.


If you need more information or have any ideas for your wedding, we can talk whenever you want.