About Painted Mural: Custom decoration

The painted mural gives us a nice space.


The about of this week is about mural painted. This type of decoration can bring life and personality to the space you want.

Who has not imagined a personalized decoration? Decorated according to what you like. With different themes and colorful. An environment that invites you to be happy.

Among other things I have decorated children’s rooms, shops, showrooms, workspaces, etc. Each of the decorations is my vision of the world around us with the customization for you.

The naive drawings, handmade with love is what I can offer. Clearly, how to decorate the space denotes our personality, who you are.

If you have an idea of what you like contact me.
We can talk about what you would like.
As we can harmonize the space or what you want to communicate.


You have some pictures of my recent painted mural.


Painted mural o

Drawing at human scale

Painted mural

The drawings are colorful , AmKetterer

Painted Murals 3

Details are very important, Am Ketterer