About Ilustrations for literary Text

The illustrations for literary texts are the visual contribution of the book, with the subjective language of drawing, composition and color more personal touches enjoyed as an illustrator to interpret literary texts enriching your understanding.

I learned to make the illustration of literary texts in one of the seminars with Gabriela Rubio. It was in the course of specialization in children’s illustration that she coordinated. By working together I soaked my creative energy and evolution in my line of work.

One of the projects we have done together has been Tobermory by Saki. Tobermory is a cute story of a scientist who teaches his cat to talk. And my job was to interpret my style with colorful, contemporary an account of the nineteenth century England.

Gabriela is a great storyteller. Know how you can tune with the essence of children and through this sensitivity creating unique stories. He has created over 20 wonderful stories of very varied themes with the common thread that are for all children in the world. These books are aimed at the world’s children. So they have been translated into different languages. In literary texts she brings her magic to make the tale even more special.

I always thought that the more creative minds are allied something can best emerge.

I had the pleasure of working side by side in their study that a high intensity short time, as usual among illustrators, along with other buddies, we prepared the exhibition of the 10 years of the course of children’s illustration.



Literary text Tobermory


The Talkie Cat