About graphic recording: drawings that link ideas

Has it ever happened to you that a spoken speech seemed too abstract and yet, when you saw it illustrated, in images, the pieces started to fit in?

We are all visual thinkers. Drawings (which we create in our minds almost without realizing it) reduce the complexity that words can sometimes have and, ultimately, solve our lifes. So what about combining illustration and words to graphically express our ideas?

This is what I propose to you with graphic recording, a real-time drawing technique of which I am a pioneer in Spain and that I can apply to your meetings, seminars, conferences and different types of events to connect ideas, provide new tools and foster innovation. I have used it myself, for example, to show some of my services as an illustrator and, in particular, to introduce Le Cool Collage project.

As you can see, graphic recording is a map of ideas which, among other things, serves to capture and share knowledge. With this method, everything is collected in a visual road map designed to lead individuals and groups towards a common goal. What do you think about it? Would you like to connect your ideas with my picture? Contact me.