Back to 80s inspiration, design and trend

If I talked in previous post about flat shapes, pop aesthetics and color and tropical elektro, this month my inspiration goes back to the 80s, design and trends.

Remember the design movement of Milan Memphis Group? I do not need to tell you how big fan I am of the decorative arts that created this movement during the 80s, its aesthetics, flat colors, primary and secondary colors and geometric shapes.


Mesa de Ettore. Memphis Group.

For those who do not remember it or are that young that you did not live and experience it, Memphis was a cultural phenomenon that revolutionized the design in both creative and commercial level. It was an initiative promoted by Ettore Sottsas and a group of young Milanese architects and designers who soon became essential in the world design scene. This movement collapsed all the limits in design imposed so far and left total freedom to new ways of expression in forms, materials and patterns.

Some of the examples-inspiration are Ettore Scottsass model Tahiti table lamp, Michelle de Lucchi‘s Polar table and Yoko Honda prints, current artist and reference of the 80s trend.

In the new collection of jewelry and prints I am reflecting, under my interpretation and creativity, this movement of Memphis Group that I like so much. You can see in the following link the collection in methacrylate called Maldita Plata.


Lámpara de Ettore. Memphis Group


Estampado Yoko Honda